unicorns and honeybuns

Yesterday I took Moses to Sam's Club to exchange a pair of pants, and they were giving out free honey buns. I felt what I think grandmothers must feel before sneaking their grandchildren a cookie before dinner. Oh boy, oh boy! So, I unwrapped it, and waited expectantly for toddler bliss face. This was going to be GREAT!

Moses took one tiny bite and said, "Boo-yah" which seems to mean, "Don't want." He wouldn't even touch the wrapper after that.

We exchanged the pants, then we ran over to Earth Fare. Even though I can't justify spending quadruple on most hippie food, I love it there. Usually we run over a few times a month to stock up on cheap stuff... red quinoa, black French lentils, and barley.

Passing aromatherapy, I thought it would be fun to let Moses smell a bunch of the essential oils. Well, it was fun until we spilled the Essence of Medieval Stuff INTO my cell phone. Thankfully, that didn't kill the phone. However, even though I wiped and pounded the keypad into a paper towel three or four times, oil still oozes out whenever you push the numbers. Texting now squishes.

I think the right side of my face is now breaking out as a result. Also, if you call me in the next week or two, expect to be on speaker phone, because Essence of Medieval Stuff makes me a bit woozy at three inches or less.

Anyway, I'd forgotten to pack lunch and I was starving, so I grabbed a tray of brown rice, veggie sushi. On a whim, I handed a piece to Moses.

TODDLER BLISS FACE. He loved it. I had to fight him for my half. Hahaha!


'Spent about half an hour wasting time today. It was wonderful. (Should I be ashamed to admit that?)

Below is what I found. In an attempt to assuage my temptation to buy these amazing shirts, I'm posting them below. If I were going to waste money, which I'm not, these would win. Especially the unicorn.

More to write, but no time. Running to pick up kids from school...

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