Quick update

Only three minutes to update before dinner...

- Moses LOVES the hand-me-down plastic golashes given to him by a dear friend. He insists on wearing them every time we watch Kipper, because Kipper also has some. I snagged a photo today. 'Will try to post that.

- Today must be "smell" day, because Moses has been smelling me ALL DAY LONG. Hilarious. I don't know if this is part of bonding or what, but he keeps burying his face in whatever part he can reach of me and inhaling. The entire day.

- A low kitchen drawer full of plastic cups (so Moses could serve himself) sounded like a good idea BEFORE he learned how to work the automated water dispenser on the front of the fridge. In the past ten minutes he has filled three different cups with water, and yes, he is drinking from all of them. Yesterday, I think he filled five at once. Woops. There he goes again. (Sigh.)

- I'll try to upload a video of Moses and Clara arguing about what he should call her. So funny!

I have more to write, but no time to write it. We are having a great time still.

Leslie  – (August 16, 2010 at 8:19 PM)  

YAY for video!!! So happy to see him! (Matt posting as Leslie)

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