garden tomatoes and octopus legs

I'm still getting over jet lag, so here's another brief post. Hopefully the photos will make up for what I'm too tired to type.

Highlights from today:

1.) One good thing is that Bobby found the cooked octopus leg JD had tried to save from the pineapple rice we ate at the Thai restaurant in Guangzhou. A bad thing is that he found it in the DRYER. (Apparently the spin cycle takes the little sucky cups off octopus legs. Those are yet to be found.)

2.) Moses is really enjoying all of the fresh food available here, and he adores tomatoes. He helped us pick garden vegetables that are just getting ripe, and he was so proud to help us bring them in the house. He ate a few before they made it inside... and a few more before they made it to the kitchen counter.

3.) I keep falling asleep at random times. I was trying to tuck Moses down for a nap yesterday and ended up falling asleep in his bed. I had this super weird dream that one of those lizards with massive flappy ear-things that runs on hot desert sand kept smacking into my face and sticking like one of those jelly-hands you get from a quarter-machine at cheap pizza places. When I woke up, I realized Moses hadn't slept, but he was kissing me on the cheek. Smack. Smack. :)

4.) I tried to give Moses a haircut tonight. I cut Bobby and JD's hair, so technique wasn't a problem. I did learn not to let the 3-year-old hold the buzzers while I grab the comb. (Stupid jetlag mistake.) Of course, he tried to help me finish the job. Thank goodness, I caught him after just a tiny notch had been taken out of one side, but we almost had a skinhead baby.

5.) Moses still adores JD. You can probably tell from the photos that he never wants to leave big brother's side. JD is being so patient, too. I bet it's going to be tough on the little guy when school starts. :( I am NOT looking forward to that.

OK, too tired to write any more. Thanks for keeping tabs. Night night!

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