Well, I found the cure for insomnia. During life before Moses, I had to fight to make myself go to bed at midnight. I'm just a high-energy person who normally hates to sleep. But now, I'm looking at the clock at eight, wondering if it can make it until ten.

Don't think I'm complaining. I actually LOVE this! I have so rarely felt tired in my life, I am amazed by how sweet rest can feel when you're totally zonked. It's almost as good of a feeling as a productive blowing of your nose when a really bad head cold starts clearing. (And with that word picture, Mom is REALLY wishing she hadn't shared my blog address with all her friends.)

The days here are busy but sweet. Moses is coming more into color every day.

I took him to the bookstore yesterday. I was a little scared about how it might feel to be the only Chinese kid in a totally white kids' section. I shouldn't have worried. He found a boy about seven years older than he was looking at a book. He snuggled in right next to him, and started asking questions (in Chinese) about what he was reading. Totally confident. Totally expecting that big kid to have nothing better to do than humor him. And the older boy loved it.

JD's late soccer games in the heat are tough. He gets wiggly and tired. But he's still a very good boy, and he's doing WAY better than I had imagined he would.

It's interesting to see him deciding that he doesn't like certain foods. This is a change from the compulsive, ravenous sort of eating he did the first week or two. He now seems to realize that more food is coming his way, and so he can be a little choosier. I stifled a giggle when he shut his lips tightly against a spoonful of baked beans tonight. I don't want him being defiant, but I'm so thankful the desperation of hunger is becoming a thing of the past.

His favorite foods? Green beans are a huge hit! (He says, "Green greens.") He loves fresh tomatoes. Zucchini, squash, broccoli. Meat (if it is soft). Rice. Fruit snacks. Skittles. Pizza. Candy. Yogurt.

Dislikes? He can't understand why we eat so much bread. He's not a huge fan of super sweet desserts like cakes/brownies. Milk.

Better run. Daddy is done with his bathtime, and I need to kiss him goodnight. I'll try to add pictures soon.

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