Toddler Jet Lag

One hour of sleep last night. Whew. Moses didn’t sleep at all, as far as I could tell. He never cried, never fussed, but he couldn’t fall asleep.

About 5:00 I started Googling and found some other adoptive parents whose kids hit jet lag insomnia on the second night home. That made me feel a little better. Maybe it’s just something we need to get over with as soon as possible.

Today has been a good one so far, considering how tired we are. I overheard JD and Clara talking about how Moses picks his toys up after he finishes playing with them. What a novel concept! Some people pick up their stuff when they are done with it! (Atta boy, Moses. You show ‘em.)

Last night I had the chance to sift through most of about 400 photos that were sent home with us from the orphanage. I’m amazed that we are able to see this much of what his life was like before we met. I started dividing the pics into two categories pretty quickly: “Scratches”: shots where he has a scrape, bump, or bruise on his face somewhere (Mr. Testosterone); and “Hugs”: shots where he’s hugging somebody. (Rugged with a gentle side.) You can see a few of those in the video I’m going to try to post with this update.

This afternoon, Moses discovered an ice pack. He didn’t really like it sitting on the bump on his head, but he loved what happens when you put it up people’s shirts. What a STINKER! For about two hours he chased us all around the house, trying to slip it down the back of our necks, giggling like crazy.

We found out that he doesn’t seem to like milk or cheese. I guess they didn’t have a lot of those in the orphanage. We are reintroducing milk throughout the day, and he’s warming up a little. But he seems to feel like it’s too thick or something. I’m thinking about trying some Carnation instant breakfast, because I’ve heard other adoptive parents say it’s a lifesaver.

We took our first walk in the yard yesterday. It was a dream come true for me, because feel like being outside is so important for kids. So few children these days get to spend a lot of time outdoors. I just don't know how modern day boys are supposed to get in touch with the spark of “essential man” burning inside them, cramped up inside so much.

I grew up in a home where strong women were ideal, so I’m not advocating a delicate, lacy girlhood. I like feisty girls who can tackle the world. However, i feel like many boys are particularly affected by the "femininity" of urbanization. The school system can be feminized (i.e.: sit down and be quiet to learn), our neighborhoods are often feminized (i.e. Rows of cute, fashionable houses), many of our extra-curricular activities and TV shows are feminized. Where is there room for a dangerous, boisterous, rugged, wild, pure little heart? We stifle those urges and call them bad, when often they are just too much work for our busy lives.

I wonder what would happen if every boy had enough wilderness to explore some of the man God made him to be? What would happen if we made room for dirt, rocks, bugs, boxes of spare parts, mechanical inventions, and long days spent hacking sticks with homemade weapons? I'm a big nature lover, so maybe my thoughts on this are skewed. But I wonder if boyhood+nature would heal an awful lot of the hurts I see walking the mall on weekends.

Seeing Moses’ eyes, looking into the woods... watching his feet learning to run on grass... I can see that same spark asking the same questions. "Hey, what’s that jungle out there? It looks dangerous. It looks cool. Can I conquer it?" Beautiful. Welcome home, urban baby. I can’t wait for you to soak up wilderness like water in the desert.

New topic. Moses discovered the phone a few days ago, and he LOVES it. Every time it rings, he wants to talk to whoever is calling. So, if anyone wants to call and listen to long periods of awkard silence, the chewing of Cheerios, and toddler Chinese babble, email and we’ll set up a time to connect. Until then, the telemarketers will receive no mercy. Moohoohaahaahaa.

Thanks to everyone who is signing up to bring meals! What an incredible gift! Normally I would have refused the offer, but it was made last night around midnight, and I was too tired and weak to refuse. I feel sort of bad receiving food when I’m not recovering from physical birth, but jet lag feels surprisingly close. :) So, thanks again. Love to all, Bec.

Song "Little Boy Heart Alive" by Andrew Peterson. My favorite modern songwriter.

GroundHogDog  – (August 3, 2010 at 11:47 AM)  

Making grown men teary eyed with slideshows...

Please keep posting. For what its worth, you mentioned the struggle about blogging and drawing the attention to the wrong places. I understand that concern. It sounds realistic when dealing with something so emotionally captivating and exotic. But, I would suggest that your desire to maintain a clean conscience is a foundation to build on, not an indication of trouble. My two cents - continue to post so that we can share in your joy. Your conscience is yours to maintain, and I for one am more than comfortable with that. You have a gift to write - and I believe that can be (and is being) used in grace greatly.

If you are ever able - would it be possible to post a clip of Moses so we could hear his voice and see him? I want so bad to see some of the inflections you have mentioned :) If that is too much no worries! Or if you want to keep it private, it would be a wonderful thing to see in email!

-Matt Sheridan

Anonymous –   – (August 3, 2010 at 12:33 PM)  

I've been following your journey and praying for you all. Moses is absolutely beautiful!! What a delight! Thanks for journaling so well for those of us coming behind you!
Hannah Wade

AmyW  – (August 4, 2010 at 6:44 AM)  

I am so touched by your story.
The look on your faces when you first (?) see him in person.
I wonder if that is what it is like when we get to heaven.
I was telling my (almost) 4 yr old that this boy's name is Moses and he said "Just like the Bible!" :) glad he remembered!
I appreciate you taking the time to write.

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