Moses was an angel on the flight home. Thanks so much for praying. He giggled, slept, and snuggled the whole way. It was a dream!

It was super fun introducing him to his new room today. He loved the wooden train set, the matchbox cars, and the Duplos that JD passed down to him. He is such a good and happy boy.

We are having trouble with sleep tonight. (Which is why I'm posting while jet-lagged at 4:16 AM. Argh.) He isn't crying, just tossing and turning. He started out sleeping in a twin bed in JD's room, but I found out about midnight that he needs a side rail. He hit the floor with a thud! I felt so sorry for him!

I tried to bring him to our bed after that, letting him sleep between us until we got a rail tomorrow. But, he couldn't go back to sleep after waking up. He didn't cry. He just moved, and wiggled, and tossed, and flipped.

Took him to the couch and made a comfy bed there. Pillows on the floor in case he rolled off. Couldn't sleep there either. Rubbed his back. Patted his back. Held him. Tried to let him just rest on his own. Still couldn't sleep.

Took him back to bed, hoping the second try would work. Same song, second verse.

He's so sweet, he isn't crying He's just totally wide awake, lying in bed, trying to be quiet. But he wiggles so much, he will roll himself off of wherever he is trying to bide time.

Clara has an orthodontist appointment (a very important one) at 8:30 this morning. But I was dizzy tired at about 8:30 PM. I would really like to get at least three hours of sleep tonight... sigh.

I bet it's jet lag. His schedule has been totally turned upside down, and it's play time in China. Poor kid. Poor me! Hahaha!

It's so good to be back, though. Will update more soon, but it's survival time for a day or two. We are SO grateful for your prayers and love during this process.

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