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‘Just a moment to update.

We started home-preschool this morning. It’s my first experience teaching a “leftie”, and I’m surprised by how much difference it makes when you’re holding a child in your lap drawing together. I can write a little bit with my left hand (thank goodness), so I finally just switched and did my best on the awkward side.

Moses loves to learn, but it seems that he hasn’t done much one-on-one school up to this point. We did a few interactive papers on the number “1”, circles, the letter “A”, and basic handwriting motions. He’s still learning how to make a crayon go the right direction, but I feel like his mind grasps most concepts easily, especially considering our language barrier. I wish I knew how to translate more of what I’m teaching into Chinese. He is picking up more than his share of slack, though, learning English quickly.

Leaving the kids at school has been hard for him in the mornings. He doesn’t cry, but I can tell he’s wondering why we would drive all that way to just leave two of our favorite people in a building for eight hours. (I have the same question, BTW.)

One of the things I appreciate about Moses, though, is his trust. He’s been through so many transitions, and his world is totally new now. But he already loves us deeply, and he seems to believe that whatever we have in store for him is good, even if he doesn’t understand it. I wish I could download that sort of faith. It’s a hard concept for a worst-case scenario, control freak to grasp. Especially in the midst of chaos.

I was reading something in The Gospel Primer (Milton Vincent) yesterday about how understanding the depth of God’s love for us could free us from self-love-based fear. (When Moses goes down for a nap, I’ll try to remember to find the actual quote and add it.) I see that freedom lived out in this little guy. I wonder if they make spiritual jumper cables?

Better run. It looks like we’re playing Bananagrams next... :)

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