chickens v. schnauzer

The biggest struggle of our adoption so far has been Beethoven. He’s the mini-Schnauzer Clara received for her birthday last year. Moses is very scared of dogs anyway, but Beethoven seems to be his worst nightmare.

Betsy (our 107-lb golden) also used to give him the heeby jeebies. But Betsy moves slowly and lies in the floor most of the day, and Moses can now walk past her in the sunroom while making, “I'M NOT SURE ABOUT THIS!” noises. He’s even touched Betsy out of curiosity a few times, he talks to her through the kitchen window, and he will say her name when we are driving in the car. I think the two of them will eventually be good friends.

Today Bobby held Moses’ hand as they slowly tiptoed through the sunroom together. As they walked, Bobby announced, “Yea, though I walk through the sunroom of the valley of Betsy, I will fear no dog, for Dad art with me.” Preachers!

Beethoven, however, puts Moses over the edge. This is a little dog who moves fast, barks fast, breathes fast. And Beethoven doesn’t seem to care for Moses much, either. He howls at him like he’s an invader. I keep thinking it will get better, but it hasn’t.

Clara tears up every time we talk about finding a new home for Beethoven. Beethoven adores her, and I don’t want her feeling like a new brother forced a dog out of her life. I don't know what to do!!!

Today I found someone who wants to get rid of some laying hens. They aren’t just ANY laying hens, these are pet Buff Orpingtons and Black Australorps. Those are the two breeds of hen we have looked at starting in the past, because they tend to be personable. Our yard is huge and secluded, so we would have room for a little chicken coop. And Clara LOVES birds... she’s wanted chickens for years.

I’m hoping... I’m wondering... I’m praying... would she be up for a trade?

If you know of anyone local who would provide a loving home for a mini-Schnauzer, please let me know. Clara would love to puppy sit him (for free) whenever you go on vacation. If she knew she could do that occasionally, she might be more OK with letting him go.

If not, maybe you could just pray that we can find a solution for this dilemma? I know it might not sound like a big deal, but I've never seen a child so terrified of a teeny animal. So, we are really stuck!

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