A note about the video I included in my post titled "I don't know the answer to this." (CLICK HERE TO READ IT)

I collected all of these pictures privately a few months ago. They are not an attempt to criticize any particular product or person mentioned. I'm sorry if it seemed that way. In fact, I included several of my own family photos in this mix when I first compiled it; but for privacy reasons, I removed those photos before posting here.

Initially, I collected these photos out of curiosity. I wondered what effect it would have on my heart to look through such diverse images in rapid sequence.

I have bought some of the products shown in the video. I have listened to some of those teachers. They are not all negative images for me, since many of the nicer pictures reflect the world I live life in daily. However, I usually segment my life so that certain areas don't mix emotionally.

But I was thinking about how the Lord sees all of these things simultaneously. So, I decided to see what feelings a vision more like His might elicit. I was shocked to see how simple images, without adding a single word, were so disturbing when I shuffled them all together.

I don't know what word to use to describe the feelings I have when I watch this. I certainly don't think all nice things are bad things. And I don't have a prescription to hand out that fixes this disparity. I guess I just wish my life were a little more cohesive, and I'm not sure how to get there. But maybe that's unrealistic.

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