Surely so.

Two Black hens finally captured. Higher, safer fence tacked up for the night.

Buff found, but deceased. 'Looks like a kitty attack. Bad kitty.

I'm pretty sure our first egg was laid in the Acuba bush where the two black hens were hiding most of the day. I think that because Betsy was chewing on something when she walked out of it.

So much for our first full day raising chickens.

On the brighter side, Moses learned to give bear hugs tonight. He thinks they are hilarious, and he sounds like Chewbacca when he gives them out.

Also, this is how he kisses us us. I'm writing it down so I don't forget this ever.

First he says, "kisses," and kisses one cheek, grabs our nose HARD, turns our head to the side, says, "again," kisses the other cheek, grabs both cheeks then says, "noze," kisses our nose, then pulls our nose down, says "eye," kisses one eye, then turns our face to the side, says "eye," kisses the other eye. Then he's done. Dusts his hands off like he's just planted a tree.

When he's decided to bestow the kiss ritual on someone, if you stop him midway, he starts at the beginning and does it all over again.

I was telling him tonight, "I love you SOOO much!" So he's started saying, "SOOOO MUCH," whenever he means, "I love you."

Quick memories I don't have time to write out the long way:

- How Moses hides our Camelbaks in shoe closets when he thinks we aren't looking. And that crazy mischievous look he gets on his face when he does it.

- How he won't let me read the insides of the Bible story book because he keeps pointing to the cover, pointing to Jesus, and saying, "JEEEEZUS! JEEEZUS!" Well, unless we turn to the page where the disciples won't let the children sit on Jesus' lap. Then he points a finger at the bad disciples and says, "NO! NO! NO! NO!" at them.

- How he says, "Kuk, kuk, kuk, kuk, Keeeeekin," instead of "Chicken".

- How hard it is to keep him from running up to the front of the church when Bobby's teaching. How he wants to yell, "DADDY!" and run up and grab him.

- That he likes red peppers. Calls grapes, "Mae-toes." And apologizes to furniture when he bumps it, "Sowwy."

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