Splash Park.

'Not much time to write today, but I wanted to share some photos of our first day at the splash park. Moses was scared at first, but then he LOVED it. It was so cool watching him play in the water and sun.

Making slow progress on fear of dogs. He watched them out the windows for maybe an hour total. Touched Betsy (the golden) once. The mini-schnauzer still freaks him out. That makes life complicated temporarily, but we're trying to give him time to adjust.

JD made the Duplo bass. Very cool. Kudos to him on that. Best big brother on the planet.

Finished off the afternoon with a soft serve from Mc Donald's. My house is a wreck. We're all tired. But it was a great day.

Tonight at dinner, JD asked, "Is getting a new kid always this much fun? I feel so proud of my little brother!" Clara agreed. We were prepared for all sorts of emotional trauma and a long healing period. I almost feel guilty for how much pure joy there is. It's not at all like I thought it would be. Sheer, unadulterated FUN. We thought he needed us, but now we are seeing how much the four of us needed him.

P.S. Moses ate his first fresh tomato off the vine today. LOVED it.

Leslie  – (August 4, 2010 at 5:48 PM)  

I laughed out loud and hard and repeatedly at your last post and your Christmas card. So good to know that you are bringing him up 'proper.' :)

These pictures are so great, too!

I'm sad to hear he's scared of your doggies. :( But if anybody is going to get him over that fear, it's going to be Betsy. He'll be burying his head in her side soon and taking a nap.

The schnauzer.... well, that might just take a while. :) They move faster. And look weird.

Maybe he can watch you brush Betsy and maybe he'll want to do it...... and try doing other things that he sees you guys doing. Familiarity removes fear. Do you brush her teeth? Let him watch you do that. Make her lay down and let Clara lay on her for a while. I'm preaching to the choir - you know what to do! Good luck!!!

Skye  – (August 5, 2010 at 6:38 AM)  

Thanks for continuing to post. Thanks for letting us all be part of your family during this transition time. Thanks for sharing your heart... you do that so beautifully. Come to think of it, thanks for having such a huge heart for so many. You've given me a new appreciation for just how blessed we are to live in this part of the world.

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