Two quick prayer requests.

1. It looks like JD and Clara might have caught the tummy bug that's going around the travel group. Please pray it would be short lived, and that we wouldn't catch it. Thankfully, I have some serious meds US docs gave us before we left ready if we need them. I also have electrolyte replacements. And so far, it isn't severe. But obviously this is not our favorite place to be sick.

2. Also please pray for Moses as he transitions. Day 3 is often tough, because the child finally starts to trust his/her family enough start expressing the confusing emotions they are having.
Moses has been testing boundaries today, and he isn't sure how to respond when he doesn't get his way. But I have to say "no" to some things for his safety.

He is ashamed when he makes a mistake, and then he doesn't know what to do. So he just runs to hide in the smallest space he can find and rocks. I have been going to pick him up to hold him when he does this, to show him that I love him even when he does something wrong. But still, "no" still means "no." He doesn't seem to have a framework for this.

Tonight, he cried for a long time while I held him and quietly persisted with a "no" about something. I rubbed his back and was very calm/tender, but I wouldn't let him have his way. It was interesting to watch what happened in his body. He fussed and tried to pull away to run and hide. I held him gently and just rubbed his back as he rocked. I could tell he wanted to be with me, but was afraid to be rejected at the same time.

Finally, he took a big breath and folded in half and relaxed. I'm not sure he understood what a backrub was, but it was like he had needed that his whole life. He just melted. Then he fell totally, deeply asleep with his face on his socks.

I'm not sure, but I think seeing the orphanage might have been tough for him. There were so many emotions for a little boy to process.

Anyway, prayers for these two things (particularly) would be very welcome. First, for our health. Secondly, we want to give Moses the gift of knowing healthy boundaries are in place. But we want him to feel totally secure in our love at the same time. That can be tricky training for a little hotel room. We need wisdom.

Thanks for praying. Email me your prayer requests, too, and we will pray for you (email at bobby (at) gracekingsport (dot) org. (Also, if anyone has an update on the Keeton's, will you please email that? Thanks.)

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Praying Bec, for all y'all. God has brought that little boy so far, not to mention how far you have traveled, I just know that he has a plan, and unfortunately, plans include lessons. Stay strong in Him. Love you guys! Skye

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