We got to read our first bedtime story together last night. (Thanks for the Buzz Lightyear jammies, Doug and Amy!) We read _Going on a Bear Hunt_, which wasn't planned but now makes me smile because so many times during this long process Bobby and I have looked at eachother and said, "We can't go over it, we can't go under it, we can't go around it, we have to go through it!"

Last night was really great. We went to Chinese Wal Mart to find a cheap umbrella stroller. Moses loved the adventure. He sang little songs to himself and absorbed everything new he saw. Seeing so much food at once was really cool for him, but he only asked for a little packet of crackers.

We went to the noodle restaurant across the street for dinner, and it was incredible. It was fairly cheap, but they hand toss the noodle dough into long strips before cooking it. It's almost like homemade chicken and dumplings, only with noodles. Yum! (Thanks for the recommendation, Corrigans!)

We tried to be careful to limit Moses' strong-tasting foods, but we did give him a nibble here and there, and he has loved everything he has tried. I poured a TINY bit of Sprite into his cup, and I wish you could have seen the look on his face when he swallowed it. It made him explode in laughter that it tingled his mouth.

You may have seen the McDonald's lunch pictures yesterday. Once he realized what french fries and katchup were, he took one in each hand and went to town. It was adorable.

He seems SOOOOO happy to have a family. When I snuggled with him last night before bed, he just melted into my arms. We are so fortunate in this, because a lot of newly adopted children resist physical touch. They just haven't ever experienced it. But Moses can't seem to get enough snuggles. As I was holding him and stroking his hair and rubbing his back, he just kept pinching the skin on my arm with his hand, not letting go. He went to sleep without a wimper and slept like a log. He's still sleeping, in fact.

Whenever we walk somewhere, he grabs my hand and Clara's and marches... as if to say, "Here we go! There are MY people." It feels like we have been together for months.

By the way, another English phrase he can say is, "Go outside." He sings it. He kept repeating it over and over again yesterday, as if he was astonished that we kept going out for little walks. This little boy is going to LOVE the outdoor beauty of East Tennessee.

Last thing, because I need to get ready for the day. Moses is a total FLIRT! I was shocked to see how much of a rascally charmer he is. He gets this little twinkle in his eye, and tilts his head, and smiles. And he knows how to work his eyebrows and mouth to charm the socks off of you. And it's not in a superficial way. It's just playful and sincere.

I'm just in love! We all are.

Sorry this is disjointed. I don't have much time to revise and rewrite. I just want to record some of this quickly so I won't forget it.

Thanks for praying. Please don't stop. Two days of paperwork and another flight are approaching.

The Chambers Family  – (July 19, 2010 at 5:13 PM)  

I am so excited for all of you!! God gave Moses to a an amazing family and I can't wait to meet him!!!

Love to you all!!
Sherry Chambers

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