"Just in case you've never seen a Chinese kid wearing a Mexican hat playing Pass the Pigs."

WE HAVE OUR HANDS FULL!! Hahaha! I have prayed for almost a year that Moses' spirit wouldn't be broken by group care, that he would have a sense of humor and spunk to get him through difficulty, and that he would have a strong will that makes the best of the worst. I am seeing now that every single prayer was answered. Oh my goodness.

As Moses gets more comfortable in his new family, his precocious, determined spirit is becoming more evident. We're going to have to get out _The Strong-Willed Child_ again! Haha!

I don't know if you can tell from these photos, but he is constantly trying to figure out how everything works, and he thinks "No" is just a funny thing adults say to spoil a good time. We are lying low on the discipline during the bonding time, since establishing trust is the single most important thing to do for the first few weeks. But when we get home, we're going to have some work to do. And we did have a small battle of the wills this morning.

Particularly, we need to spend some patient, happy time intentionally training him to come to us when we ask. And we need to teach him "don't touch that." It's sometimes hard to keep him safe here because he doesn't understand those concepts, so those are the top two things on our list.

Gotta run and sign some more papers. Hopefully the last set before Guangzhou...

Also attaching photos of Clara's new friend (Joy) and JD coloring pictures. :)

(the joy of experiencing a sucker!!!)

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