new words

New words Moses is reciting over and over in his bed right now to avoid falling asleep:

Snuggle. ("Guh-gle").
Night night.
Grandma. (He has decided to call Clara this because it drives her nuts.)

Today he also learned how to say "ice cream". He ate it with two spoons, because he loved it so much.

Meanwhile, we are watching a Chinese voiceover of Will Smith acting in Independence Day. JD is cracking up.

We're making up the translation. My contribution was reciting the few lines I remember of the St. Crispian's monologue from Henry V during the motivational "let's kick some alien booty" speech at the end.

Chinese TV is amazing. A ton of shows are historical and highly emotive. They are full of valor, idealism, loyalty, and self-sacrifice. They are sort of like soap operas, only they aren't trashy. Every single scene is passionate in some way or another. The characters all seem to feel SO DEEPLY. There is usually soulful cello music playing in the background, and the scenery is just gorgeous. Unabashed idealism.

Goofy gameshows also seem to be really popular. We all love them. Most of them involve people jumping across a moving foam obstacle course that is suspended over dirty water.

Commercials are similar to ours, but there are a LOT more advertisements for health food, vitamins, and vitamin milk drinks for adults and children.

Our visa application was approved today. Tomorrow we get his photo taken on the red couch and go to the Consulate to take the oath. I think everything is official finally after that. Woohoo!

Moses is really doing well. Going to sleep seems to be the hardest thing for him, but he hasn't thrown a fit in two days. He just talks to himself and calls to us.

Of course, I will go in and rock him for a while. So will Yo Yo, Daddy, and "Grandma." But he isn't used to being rocked to sleep, so he points to his bed after a while. It's like he's in tension between wanting us and wanting his bed. He's not used to falling asleep in someone's arms, but he doesn't want to go to sleep alone any more. Also, if there's a party happening somewhere, he wants to be a part of it.

I found Moses a pair of squeaky sandals for a few bucks yesterday. JD and Bobby HATE them. They make me laugh until I can't breathe, watching him walk around, "squeak, squeak, squeak." Moses likes them, too. I guess we'll have to wait on those until we get home to enjoy those fully.

If there's anything particular you want us to bring you back from China, send me an email today. Shopping is limited in Shamain, mostly tourist knicknacks. But I can give it a try.

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