a plan at last.

After several weeks of intense research, praying, and thinking, I think we finally have a plan established. International, RT flights are still holding around $1500. But until we get our TA, we can't bank on that. So, this is our three-tier plan depending on how flight costs land next week.

Plan A (first choice): Take the kids with us. We would probably do a round trip into and out of Hong Kong to save the extra Beijing costs. My brother lived in HK for several years, and he might have friends who would let us stay there.

Plan B (second choice): Bobby flies into and out of Hong Kong and stays with Moses for the whole trip. I would fly into and out of Beijing with the CCAI travel group, and stay with that group for the first part of the trip. (Bobby has already seen Beijing, and this would allow me to travel with companions.) I’d meet Bobby in Zhengzhou for ‘gotcha’, then fly home after a few days when he leaves for Guangzhou with Moses. We could go to the airport together with the CCAI group. This would mean Moses knows me when he comes home, I could help get the boys settled through the 'gotcha' transition, and that the kids at home would only have to be without one of us for a week.

Plan C (third choice): Bobby goes alone.

Last night I connected with another family who will probably be traveling with us. They seem like a really neat family, and they are Christians also. It feels great to just have a contact of some sort. For some reason, our travel group hadn't crossed my mind much, but I need to be praying for them as well. We're going to share a life-changing experience together. I can't wait to see who the Lord has planned for that.

Hoping for TA on Monday!!!

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