I'm still too overwhelmed to be very eloquent in this post. However, I want to at least try and update.

Tonight we showed up at a birthday party for our associate pastor. He and his wife have an incredible heart for community, so we headed over to their house expecting a fun, eclectic mix of neighbors from all walks of life.

When we walked in the front door, only folks from our church were there. I was a little surprised by that, but also thankful for the chance to just hang out and love on people we never have enough time to talk with on Sunday mornings.

A few minutes into the gathering, Tommy and Celeste made an announcement. The main purpose of the party wasn't a birthday celebration, but to help raise funds for the adoption. I felt my knees get weak. It was totally unexpected.

I have trouble explaining how it felt to be standing in a room so full of love and support for a child who has never had a family. When you are adopting internally, you never know if a child who looks a little different will really be accepted. But moms and dads (and their toddlers) were literally filling up those rooms, talking about how excited they were for their children to befriend our new son. And they were supporting us as we pursue him.

I can't find the right words for how I feel yet. To be this overwhelmed by grace is indescribable. Thank you to those who made it happen. We are moved beyond our ability to express it adequately.

P.S. Also, we received $2500 in one night. Unbelievable! Thank you so much!!!!

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