Fees, and papers, and details. Oh my!

I’m going to list these details because some of you are also thinking about Chinese adoption. But there’s an awful lot of work between thinking about it and actually doing it.

I really wish we had thought about how much work there was sooner, because we could have been planning ahead in our life schedule a little better. Instead, we mainly focused on the emotional/relational sides of adoption.... how this would affect our birth kids, our family dynamic, etc. We didn’t realize how many practical needs would also come into play - and even dominate the process!

So, maybe if you guys look at this NOW, when you are just thinking about adopting, you'll be able to plan a little better and a little sooner for your adventure! It's tough emotionally when you get to the point that you are really, really ready to leap emotionally-- but STILL have all this work/planning to do!


Application Fee - $150
First Agency Fee - $1,900 Fee
USCIS FIling and Fingerprinting - $670 + $80 per adult
Dossier Preparation - $450
Home Study Fees - $1500 + $500 + $500
Second Agency Fee - $3200
CCAA Fee - $1050 Check
Post Adoption Deposit - $500 (refundable)
Visa to enter China - $130 per person
U.S. Domestic and International Airfare - $1000-$1800 + $300 return lap ticket
In-China Travel and Accommodations - $2400
Adoption Registration and Notarization - $400-$800
Child Passport - $100-$150
Orphanage Fee - $5,000
Food - $600-$800
Child Physical and Photo - $80
Child U.S. Entry Visa - $400
Post Adoption Support - varies
Court Validation Fee - varies
Child Birth Certificate - varies


Physical exam report by a physician.
Account balances from banks showing assets.
Adoption petition (provided by your adoption agency)
Post Placement Agreement (from your adoption agency)
Form I-171H (this is the only time a copy of a document is allowed in the dossier) from the USCIS
For married parents: certified copies of birth and marriage certificates
Proof of home ownership (or rental agreement) - a copy of your most recent monthly mortgage statement or your rental agreement
Employment verification - must be on company letterhead and have a recent date – ask your company’s human resources department for a letter stating how long you have worked for the company along with your current annual salary. (Note: You must include employment verification even if you are self employed.)
Homestudy – obtain a certified copy of your homestudy from the social worker who conducted the homestudy
License of your adoption agency (Note: check to be sure the date on the license is valid)
Results of your criminal background check – visit your local police station to obtain this document
Copy of the photo pages of your passport
Letters of reference – it’s okay to use the same references you used for your homestudy.
Copy of your most recent Federal income tax return – if you don’t have a copy, the IRS can provide you with a copy (go to http://www.irs.gov/faqs/faq1-6.html for instructions on requesting a copy)
Power of Attorney (given to your adoption agency coordinator)
Photographs of your family life (8), couple (3), relatives, pets, house, and 3 passport photos

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