I spent most of yesterday sifting through agencies online. It has been crazy trying to learn the differences between them.

Some have professional-looking, maneuverable websites. Others are so basic, it’s hard to find the information you need. Some focus more on faith. Some provide extra resources after the adoption. Some show pictures of waiting children. Others will not. And there’s always a question looming in the back of your mind, wondering if the marketing package you see on-line truly represents the actions of the company.

My sister-in-law has been AMAZING about sending me resources. She helped me eliminate a few agencies. She also added a few to my list. I seriously don’t know how I’d be doing this without her!

Anyway, I spent most of yesterday reading and sorting our options. Those of you who have adopted internationally might understand the overwhelmed feeling that can hit when you are trying to make a major, permanent life decision thousands of miles off-site.

So, I was about to shut off my computer late last night when a friend sent me a facebook chat message. It said something like, “You don’t happen to be looking for a good agency, do you?” She didn’t know how I had spent my whole day. I laughed.

Her family adopted from China four years ago. And they used one of the agencies my SIL had recommended. It is one of the more economical agencies, and they had a great experience. She was also able to talk me through several key questions that my day of research had surfaced. I went to bed so thankful for that little well-timed boost of encouragement. It’s neat to see how God is providing for our needs already.

Confirmation on our choice of agency
That paperwork will be completed easily
Provision of funding for beginning the process
Application for and receipt of a huge grant to cover the remainder of the process

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