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Our garden was chosen as a test plot for a new fertilizer. Hundreds of pounds of black magic dirt arrived this week, and we got to spend a couple of hours learning gardening secrets from the fella who invented it. It was fascinating learning about how to maximize productivity in a small space.

Some friends of ours had a bale of old wire fence they no longer needed. When we rolled it out, it fit to the inch around our 30' x30' plot. We smiled because that's sort of the theme of our lives lately. So many of our needs are being met 'to the inch.' God is good to remind me of His observant care in simple, tactile ways.

I guess I shouldn't count our chickens before they hatch, but I'm excited at the thought of Moses wandering through the rows and helping him pick fresh vegetables. For a kid who has spent most of his life in a concrete room, I would think this could be a pretty cool experience.

As for the adoption, the visas arrived with no problem. Since the Article 5 arrived Thursday, we are now waiting for our TA, which should take 2-4 weeks. There's an online rumor that consulate appointments are bottlenecked until July 6, but when I asked CCAI, they hadn't experienced a problem yet. I continue to be glad we are adopting through them, because they just seem to move through the system better than a lot of other agencies. Maybe that's because they process so many Chinese adoptions?

Regardless, we need prayers for a rapid TA and consulate appointment. We'd really like to reach Moses before his birthday on July 8.

Today we're going to start moving furniture for Moses' bed. He and JD will share a room for a while. Since JD has been the main prayer warrior for his little brother all along, it just sort of fits. (He prayed every night for a little brother named Moses for months. This was when we didn't know China adopted boys out at all, so we thought these prayers were impossible.) Hopefully having a roommate will help Moses feel more secure in a new home, too.

Must run. Sorting and cleaning today. So much to do before travel.

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