Today we sent in our completed application packet. I can't foresee any problems, but please just pray that all goes smoothly!

Also, so far God has provided funding for the initial application fee and about half of the $1500 home study fee. This is great news, because once the home study is complete, then we can start applying for grants. (I'm also hoping to find a flexible, part-time job next fall (during school hours) to help cover some of our other expenses.)

Basketball camp started today. While I was waiting, I had the chance to make six or seven more bracelets. That's a good thing, because they take longer to make than I had anticipated.

What else...

I think we may have found our home study agency! That's a big relief! Everyone we asked recommended one lady, and she said she does have time for us. So, that's good. Now we just have to write a really in-depth autobiography, get criminal background checks, etc. Lots of paperwork.

Yesterday I ran into a friend whose parents adopted a little girl from Asia when she was 12. her brother was 14, I think. It was so cool to hear about their experience!

Another friend sent me a link to this organization: https://www.kingdomkidsadoption.org/308208.ihtml

We aren't sure if we will use it or not yet, but it sounds very interesting. Praying for wisdom there...

Thanks to all of you who are keeping up, asking us about progress, and praying. We are so grateful!

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