Homestudy Begins

First meeting with our home study gal yesterday. We LOVED her. LOVED HER!!!

She first got into the adoption world because she's pro-life. She's a Christian. And she totally understood our motivation and reasoning for the Asian process.

She also seems to be a fairly analytical processor, like I am, which is going to be super-helpful. She didn't look at me like I was crazy when I started talking through all of the wrestling I've done with different decisions in this process so far. In fact, she seemed to support some of the more specific reasoning we've done.

Also, she seems to have the heart of a teacher. I love this. I think she's going to be a great resource through this whole process.

Downsides? Yes. This is going to take a while. At least 1-3 years from China.

That time frame will give us more time to prepare, though. More time to apply for grants. More time to get things ready at the house. So, we're just going to keep walking toward it.

Reading some fascinating books on the history of China, meanwhile. My heart for the country is growing, as well as for our new child. Such a long and complex journey that nation has taken!

ALSO, God has provided a temporary job that I'm PUMPED about. It's the sort of job I would do for free I like it so much. Flexible. Creative. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude. Since it's just a temp for now, I'm not going to get specific. It might be a one-time shot. But I can't deny being excited about the possibility.

Yesterday was a hard day. Found out my dad will probably need heart surgery. He's the best dad EVER. And he's still young and strong. So, this is really unexpected. I'd appreciate your prayers.

Love you all!

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