my husband was right

By the time Bobby got home from work yesterday, I was about to drop. Moses is such a good boy, but he is also three years old. And since our whole house is new for him, he doesn't yet understand what is OK to play with and what is not.

With the birth kids, I got to train them about boundaries from the time they started crawling. But Moses arrived very mobile, knowing no English, and with a voracious appetite to understand how everything works. For instance, he didn't know until yesterday what happens when you spin a lamp shade on a lamp as hard as you can. Now he does.

He is still developing emotional security, and neither one of us benefits from a day full of "No's". It would be different if he were being disobedient, but this is just misdirected curiosity. He really wants to be a good boy.

Last night, Bobby said it was time to find a solution. I had resisted spending money buying stuff to fix the problem, especially as we are trying simplify, but this was a becoming a definite need.

In the end, Bobby ran out and picked up a portable play yard gate. You can use it indoors and out, and I can keep it in the living room near me while I work. It has totally revolutionized our day. Moses has been HAPPILY playing in it for hours. (I keep taking him out, and he keeps wanting to get back inside.) I haven't had to tell him, "No," once.

Anyway, Bobby was right. Soooooo right. Sometimes simplification isn't found only in discarding the wrong things, but in picking up one of the right ones. I wanted to give him a shout. I love you, Bobby!

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