All the Way Around the World and Back

I’ll try to make this update quick. As I mentioned earlier, our home study agent had recommended checking out a few other countries with shorter wait times.

So, we explored the Philippines. Loved what we saw, except that adoption laws have changed recently.

We also called several new agencies yesterday. I spent hours on the phone and internet doing research. Philippines. Korea. Poland. Guatemala. Domestic. Peru. Haiti. I loved every child’s face I saw. Taiwan is still an option, but it is $10K more than China. That’s a lot.

In the end, I called our current agency back to ask some questions. Despite the wait in China, we still just love our agency and the people working with it. So, even though we followed advice and looked all around the world (literally), the plan for now is to follow the original plan. Special needs China with CCAI.

Will update if that changes.

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